Joel's Gig/Appearance Pricing

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Joel's Gig/Appearance Pricing

Post by _Roger_ on Sun 11 Jun 2017, 16:46

while most local acts have a range of $200-750 to appear and perform most long term artists prices are in the thousands

Joel won't perform in any venue or award ceremony due to royalties of his songs belonging to kwe recording studios. Unless a live band plays but the word "live" itself will only cost more for someone like Joel.
Currently if any promotion wants a performance or appearance by Joel it will cost them approximately $2,700 

there goes all those rumors everyone created that he was going to go on a short tour 
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Re: Joel's Gig/Appearance Pricing

Post by TIMSel on Tue 04 Jul 2017, 02:26

wtf were his assets that high at his peak?

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